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Powell Butte Christian Church

13720 SW Highway 126

​Powell Butte, OR  97753

​(541) 548-3066

13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte, OR  97753    (541) 548-3066 

Lord's Acre Day At Powell Butte Christian Church


As an independent, Bible-believing, non-denominational Christian Church, we endeavor to find our structure solely in the teachings of Scripture. To that end, we are governed by the biblical office of elder, specifically a plurality of elders. The Bible teaches that these men are to meet standards of spiritual maturity and are thus qualified through the Holy Spirit to lead as shepherds over the local congregation. It is the group of elders that seek God’s leading, and preside over the spiritual health of the congregants.

By the authority of Scripture, and in keeping true to the Biblical prohibition of civil lawsuits between believers, the elders of our congregation are spiritually qualified to hear and prayerfully resolve all personal disputes between congregants, as instructed by God’s Word.

We have no creed but Christ, no book (of authority) but the Bible, no law but love, and no name but the divine. We are not the only Christians, but desire to be Christians only.


As is modeled by the early Church in the Book of Acts, and as commanded in God’s Word, we have established regular weekly worship services to meet together to worship God, to honor Jesus, to be taught by the Holy Spirit through God’s Word, to edify the Church, and to reaffirm the Faith.

We believe that the Lord’s supper, also known as Communion (and in some fellowships “The Eucharist”) is the holiest time in our worship service where we are called to remember the sacrificial death of Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins. This remembrance is illustrated by the symbols of Jesus’ body and blood, namely the bread and the juice of the fruit of the vine.

Though Christ did not instruct the Church how often to observe the Lord’s Supper, we choose to observe it each time we gather in our worship in the presence of Christ.

By definition in the original language of Scripture, baptism (Greek “baptizo”) is the immersion in water as an act of obedience to the commission of Christ. We understand that baptism symbolizes the washing away of our sin through the death of Christ, and the willing act of dying to one’s sin and being born again into a new life through the power of the Holy Spirit. We also understand it be the way Jesus commands us to identify with his own death, burial, and resurrection.

We believe that the Bible teaches that, as the God-appointed entrance into the New Covenant of Salvation, baptism is an essential part of the decision to place our faith in Jesus Christ as both our Savior and our Lord. To that end we practice baptism, by immersion, for all who come to faith in Him.

We believe Scripture teaches that every believer, as a manager of that portion of God’s wealth entrusted to him or her, is obligated to joyfully, faithfully, and willingly contribute financially to the local congregation.

Though God has established the tithe (10%) as a basis of giving, we believe that God has also called us to other offerings in support of church ministries and missions, of relief for those in need, and of investment in the expansion of His Kingdom.

In keeping with our understanding of the God-appointed leadership of the local congregation, we acknowledge that the believer trustingly relinquishes the right to dictate and/or direct the use of the tithe or offering once the gift has been given.

Our Practices