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13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte, OR  97753    (541) 548-3066 

Lord's Acre Day At Powell Butte Christian Church


 God's word tells us "in this life we will have struggles".   For some of us struggles start at an early age.  For others those tough experiences may not come till later, but eventually we all will face hardships.  

             TERRI B.


Hi, I'm Terri  and I want you to know you are important to us.  When you hurt we hurt.  We offer one on one mentoring with life skills sessions, to help come along side those caught in life's challenges.  ​​WHAT TO EXPECT:

To be heard.   First I listen.....  I want to know you and your story.  I want to be a safe place where your deepest pain, brokenness and challenges can be shared and heard.  

Prayer.  Then together we pray in the power of Jesus Christ and bring those needs to God in prayer. We ask for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring out what is most important and most helpful for healing and repair.  We ask for His help as we learn our part in this process with Him.  

New skills learned.  I have gathered the best biblically based resources to guide us through learning new skills. You will  learn how to apply new skills to your challenges and begin to create new pathways in your heart and mind as you begin to set a new path; asking God to go before you. 

Out sourced resources.  ​If we are not suited to help with your specific needs we will share our community help resources with you and refer you to professionals in your quest for answers and or healing.  


Site for Rebuilding and repairing lives

  Biblical and Lay Counseling,

  Good Samaritan Ministries 

  Biblical and Lay Counseling,

  AACC, Light University

  Extraordinary Women: Specific 

  Challenges to Women, Healing and    Restoration,  AACC Light University

  Professional Life Coaching

  AACC ,Light University

  Marriage Counseling/Mentoring,

  AACC, Light University

  Stress and Trauma Care,

  AACC, Light University

  Lifestyle Educational Assistant in 

  Functional Medicine and Nutritional    Science, Metagenics Conferences,          Jeffrey Bland

  Advanced Certified Systemic              Dynamical Neurofeedback                  trainer

*Expect delays....our schedule is full.  We can place you on our      waiting list or refer you to one of our community sources.

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