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Powell Butte Christian Church

13720 SW Highway 126

​Powell Butte, OR  97753

​(541) 548-3066

13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte, OR  97753    (541) 548-3066 

Lord's Acre Day At Powell Butte Christian Church


Bible Studies

Bible Studies at Powell Butte Christian Church are led and taught by pastors and other qualified church leaders. Typically, each study group focuses on one of the sixty-six books of the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament), to discover what the book is all about, what God has to say to us through the book, and how we should apply the message of the book to everyday life. Discussions about what we are learning, and time for questions and answers, are most always included in our Bible studies.

At this time, a men’s Bible Study of the Old Testament book, Isaiah,  they meet at Powell Butte Church on Wednesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. (A breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, juice and coffee is available for a donation.)  See what Bible studies are going on for Women, by checking out the drop down tab Women's Ministry.