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Powell Butte Christian Church

13720 SW Highway 126

​Powell Butte, OR  97753

​(541) 548-3066

13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte, OR  97753    (541) 548-3066 


Lord's Acre Day At Powell Butte Christian Church

Our mission:​ at Forged Youth Ministries is to reach the youth of Central Oregon with the life-giving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in doing so they may come to find the Love, Hope, and Peace that can only be truly experienced when someone is in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. Once a student has made the decision to follow Christ, we want to come alongside them and disciple them into becoming true Christ followers, equipped with the tools to live a fruitful Christian life, and to positively affect their peers and help them come to the Lord.

Why "Forged" Youth Ministries?

There are two key parts to the forging process: the forging itself, and the quenching.

Forged: We are formed by God throughout our lives by both negative and positive events. Starting out as a blank piece of steel, He then molds us, hammers us, and shapes us into the person He intended us to be.

Quench: The Quench happens when we accept Christ and begin to get serious. We are set ablaze for Him and He tests us by setting us in the oil, bringing to light our flaws, cracks, and imperfections so that He may address them. All the while He is hardening us and preparing us for the battle and the mission.

When do we meet?

Youth group: Grades 6-8

Where: Youth room in the Historic Chapel

When: Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

High School Youth Group is Thursdays form 6-7:30pm 

Sunday School: Grades 6-12

Where: Youth Room in the Historic Chapel

When: Sundays from 9:40-10:15am